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Product Care

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Organic Cotton, being a natural fiber, has the potential to shrink. While we pre-wash certain La Casbah garments to minimize this, some shrinkage may still occur.

When washing your organic cotton garment, it's essential to consult the care label for the recommended washing temperature. To prevent excessive shrinkage, avoid tumble drying and opt for air drying at room temperature. Ironing your cotton garment can help restore its original shape and softness, but take care to avoid ironing over prints or embroidery. Remember to iron the product inside out to help preserve the color over time.

When hanging t-shirts, insert the hanger from the bottom to prevent stretching the neck and ruining the shape.

Avoid exposing organic cotton garments to direct sunlight during storage and drying to prevent fading and discolouration.


All the caps are made out of 100% Organic Cotton.

For cap care, we recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth if stains occur. It's important not to rub excessively, as it could affect the color in that specific area. Caps are often used in challenging weather conditions like rain and intense sunlight, which may cause some color changes over time. However, such changes should not be considered as defects.

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