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La Casbah d'Alger architecture
door knockers at la casbah d alger

La Casbah

The door knocker

Our Story

In the small city of La Casbah, located in Algiers, you will discover a unique tradition associated with door knockers. Each door in this artistic city is adorned with two distinct shapes of door knockers. The first shape depicts an elegant lady's hand made of metal. Some of these hand-shaped knockers feature a ring on the hand, symbolizing that there are eligible ladies residing inside the house who are open to proposals. On the other hand, if the hand does not have a ring on any of its fingers, it signifies that there are ladies residing in the house, but they are not available for proposals. The second shape consists of a simple round metal knocker, indicating that only gentlemen reside in the house. This fascinating tradition of door knockers in La Casbah reflects the unique cultural practices and customs of the city.

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